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(AS OF JUNE 2021)

"Mitch is absolutely wonderful and an amazing mediator and person."


"Mr. Tarighati is an excellent mediator. I appreciate his candor and his willingness to dig deep with all counsel in order to explore the strengths and challenges in both sides of the case."

"Mitch's style was very effective in our mediation.  Down to earth, kept the focus on settlement rather than mud slinging, and in the end achieved a fair result for both sides.  Thank you Mitch.  I would recommend you as a mediator again."  M.J.W. - Defense Counsel.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mitch on several different personal injury cases and cannot give enough positive feedback.  Mitch is patient, straightforward, welcoming and always positive. He takes the time at the start of mediation to introduce himself to the client(s) and establish a trusting path of communication so that the client(s) feels at ease throughout the process.  For the few cases that did not settle on mediation day, he takes the time to follow up and continues to aid the parties in reaching a resolution.  His neutrality is always evident and he has landed himself at the top of my list of mediators.  Thank you Mitch!"  S.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"Mitch is a very skilled mediator, who gets the job done while remaining pleasant and friendly, a somewhat rare talent.  Tactically good with bracketing. I would absolutely recommend him."  T.J.E. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch was relentless in his pursuit of a settlement and creative in his approach.  He settled a very difficult case that could not be settled.  He was masterful in conducting the mediation in multiple sessions and caucuses via zoom.  Everyone felt engaged the entire time.  Thanks Mitch.  I won't hesitate to use and recommend you in the future."  J.S.F. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"Mitch went the extra mile to get our case settled.  Effective, practical and experienced.  No loss of communication or efficiency when using a Zoom platform."  J.H.C. - Defense Counsel.

"Thank you for your hard work on this matter and seeing it through resolution.  I look forward to working with you again soon."  P.D.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"I enjoyed working with Mitch as a mediator.  He quickly understood the issues and he implemented an effective plan to bring the parties together.  Once we agreed on a number, he was very effective in working out a solution for an unusual provision in our settlement agreement.  My client and I were very pleased with the overall results."  R.E.B. - Defense Counsel.

"Having participated in hundreds of mediations and settlement conferences over the past 35 years of practicing only personal injury law, I would enthusiastically rate Mr. Tarighati’s services as a mediator as exceptional. On every occasion that he has served as a mediator for my cases, I have found him to be very knowledgeable, professional, personable, and effective. He instilled confidence and empowerment in my clients who attended the mediations, while helping manage their expectations. I would be happy to have him serve as Mediator on every one of my cases, and I look forward to working with him in the future."  D.A.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch is a fantastic mediator. He never gives up on a case, and works tirelessly to ensure that the parties don’t give up either!”  S.L.D. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch is a highly skilled and seasoned mediator whom I have utilized on many past occasions.  The past few mediations have occurred remotely via Zoom.  There was absolutely no reduction in Mitch's effectiveness as a mediator working remotely.  He ensured that my remote mediations proceeded smoothly and seamlessly.  Mitch has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in his past practice and is cognizant of the driving forces and dynamics of all sides in a mediation. He is an excellent communicator, extremely personable and clients will readily listen to him.  In my last mediation, after we failed to settle at the initial session, Mitch tirelessly followed up with all counsel via phone, email and text for several weeks and was able to achieve a favorable resolution.  I highly recommend him as a go-to mediator and look forward to working with him again."  H.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"I recently had a smaller personal injury case where the parties chose Mr. Tarighati as our mediator.  Smaller cases are so much more difficult to settle than larger cases.  Mr. Tarighati came up with very creative means to bring entrenched parties together.  This case had all of the hallmarks and all of the personalities of a case that normally would not settle.  I am very appreciative of the efforts and skill bringing this case to a close.  I will very gladly work with Mr. Tarighati again on larger and more complex cases."  D.B.K. - Defense Counsel.

"This was my first mediation with Mitch Tarighati. His style was effective and his continued effort after mediation ended was instrumental in reaching resolution. Looking forward to my next mediation with Mitch."  S.D.L. - Defense Counsel.

"I was referred to Mitch Tarighati by another plaintiff's law firm that I trust and respect. From my first interaction with Mitch, I felt like he truly appreciated the opportunity to serve and engage in the mediation process to resolve this matter for both parties in an equitable manner.  He was very personable to my client and created an atmosphere in which he allowed my client to voice his frustration with the case and the litigation process. Our mediation was one of the most difficult cases that I have had to deal with in my career. Mitch was hired for a half of day (4 hours) and he ended up staying an extra hour just to see if we could resolve this matter. Further, he continued reaching out to me to see what else he can do for us to get the matter resolved.  It has been a long time since I have come across a mediator that I truly trust and I would certainly recommend him and use him in the future."  M.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"I am so pleased with the results of a case I recently mediated with Mr. Tarighati via Zoom. It was a very difficult case regarding both the liability and the damages issues. Mr. Tarighati continued to follow up with all parties after the conclusion of the mediation session and ultimately was able to get the matter resolved. I was so pleasantly surprised at the outcome! Mr. Tarighati will be at the top of my list of preferred mediators."  M.C.G. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch is an outstanding mediator.  Patient, perceptive, tireless and resilient.  On our last case, I had given up on the possibility of Settlement hours before the case ultimately settled.  Mitch never gave up, and came up with creative and cost-effective solutions that ultimately resulted in the resolution of a relatively complex case.  He Has definitely earned his way into my Bullpen of preferred mediators."  M.L. - Defense Counsel.


"Having participated in hundreds of mediations and settlement conferences over the past 35 years of practicing only personal injury law, I would enthusiastically rate Mr. Tarighati’s services as a mediator as exceptional. On every occasion that he has served as a mediator for my cases, I have found him to be very knowledgeable, professional, personable, and effective. He instilled confidence and empowerment in my clients who attended the mediations, while helping manage their expectations. I would be happy to have him serve as Mediator on every one of my cases, and I look forward to working with him in the future." D.A.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch has gone above and beyond the call of duty each and every time I’ve mediated with him. He works tirelessly to get cases settled. Most recently, Mitch served as a mediator for a multi-party Zoom mediation on a case where I thought there was little to no chance for a resolution. Not only were the odds stacked against a resolution amongst the Plaintiffs and Defendants, but there was added challenges based on the relationships and liability positions of the defendants amongst themselves. As usual, Mitch worked for several hours beyond the scheduled end time to get the case settled. He was the only one in the room that didn’t give up on the prospects of resolution. Needless to say, my client and I were thrilled at both the outcome and the effort Mitch put it. Mitch does more than apply the facts to the law – he has an innate ability to connect with the parties to get past the issues that would otherwise prove to be a roadblock for resolution. It’s always a learning experience for me to watch Mitch work."  A.A. - Defense Counsel.

"I had an excellent experience mediating with Mr. Tarighati. Mr. Tarighati took the time to really understand the case, the medical aspect of it, and all its moving parts. This was key in bringing the parties closer together, educating both sides on the others valuation and reasons for said valuation, and eventually settling the matter. Although his goal was settling the case, we did not feel rushed or pushed into anything, as Mr. Tarighati hung in there well into the late hours of the evening until he got it done!”  A.E. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"Mitch came recommended and highly regarded by both defense and plaintiff attorneys.  It was his unique combination of being patient and persistent, as well as understanding personal dynamics which provided us with a positive result and successfully resolving our case."  C.Z. - Defense Counsel. 

"Mitch is my first choice when it comes to mediators. He always has a fair take on the issues in my cases and is not afraid to think outside the box. If the case does not settle at mediation, he does not give up. Bottom line, my cases settle when he’s the mediator." K.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

“It was a pleasure working with Mr. Tarighati on this matter. Despite being a Friday, Mr. Tarighati stayed with the Parties late into the evening in order to reach a resolution. He worked tirelessly and diligently which payed off. Mr. Tarighati is an outstanding mediator and I would recommend him to anyone looking to resolve their dispute, particularly when both sides are extremely far apart in their valuation.  I appreciate and value his input and work style. He truly gets the job done!”  J.S.B. - Defense Counsel.

"Thank you very much for your dedicated work in settling this matter. I was very impressed by your ability to work with so many last minute documents and your ability to maintain calm. Most of all I am so thankful that you were able to ascertain an executed release from the plaintiff – it saves so much trouble trying to follow up and it provides peace of mind that we have the proof that it really settled before logging off for the day. I am most appreciative of your willingness to reschedule this matter as well. You went above and beyond for this case, and I had never met you before! I have already passed along the word to my office that I would strongly recommend your services, and look forward to working with you in the future."  C.R. - Defense Counsel.

"I cannot thank you enough. I never thought this would settle, although with you involved, I should have had more faith! I will certainly remind everyone at our weekly meeting to keep you in mind."  F.J.M. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch is a great mediator and a pleasure to work with.  He has gotten me great results on the cases I have used him, and he is one of my go to mediators.  He seems to have an effective way with people, both lawyers and clients.  I have seen obtain settlements from lawyers substantially above what I believed they would pay.  And I have seen him interact with clients in a compassionate, understanding, and non-condescending manner, and they seem to trust him.  I will also note that I have only used Mitch as a mediator through Zoom, and he is very capable in that regard, both technically, and substantively.  Mitch is one of my favorite mediators and I highly recommend him to anyone considering using him."  J.H.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"You are the best.  All mediations I can set with you, I do!"  C.S. - Defense Counsel.

"One of the hardest working mediators ever! He went above and beyond the call of duty to get our case settled!" A.D.Y. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"I had the pleasure of having Mr. Tarighati as my mediator on one of my cases. He was recommended by plaintiffs counsel and once I ran his name by my colleagues I received nothing but positive remarks. The mediation went smoothly and Mr. Tarighati used different tactics to help both sides reach an equitable resolution. I will be using him in the future."  A.J.G. - Defense Counsel.

"I want to thank you for your tireless work on this case. You handled a difficult case with great wisdom and integrity and thanks to your efforts we got the case settled."  S.A.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day mediating a case with you. Professional and personable. You not only understood the legal issues, but had an excellent grasp of the practical and business issues my client faced with the lawsuit. Thank you again for working tirelessly to help us resolve this case!"  A.A.A. - Defense Counsel.

"Mr. Tarighati is a fantastic mediator and person. He was very well prepared for the mediation and was able to discuss all disputed issues with knowledge and insight. He was very thoughtful and respectful of the parties and gave sincere attention to the case despite the relatively low damages involved. He also skillfully navigated Zoom which made for a seamless experience. I will use Mr. Tarighati again and highly recommend his services to others."  D.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"It was great working with you once again. I appreciate all of your help. Two for two with you so we need to set more up. See you soon."  J.S.W. - Defense Counsel.

"You are a fair and you understand both sides. This comes across in your handling. You are very cordial, personable, well liked and known in the insurance community. Additionally, your prices are fair and you are very effective. I would definitely use you again."  L.S.T. - Claims Service Representative.

"Had my first mediation with Mitch in December 2020.  Insurance defense attorney representing a commercial bus line recommended his services.  Pleasantly surprised.  Great temperament and involvement of client during the mediation.  Very knowledgeable on the facts of the case (i.e., read the respective briefs of the parties, should be a given, but sadly I have had experiences where that clearly has not happened) and very knowledgeable on the med issues.  Used different tools to try and get parties together.  I would not hesitate to use his services again."  M.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"It was a pleasure working with you on this case. Thank you for going the extra hours to help the parties resolve this case. Not all mediators will do this so you are a true stand out! On behalf of myself and my clients, we truly appreciate your efforts."  J.L.F. - Defense Counsel.

"Thank you so much. You were completely instrumental. The deal would not have happened but for your involvement."  D.M.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"Mitch, thank you for your help on this one. Always a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your tenacity in helping each side reach a deal – even when the odds of success seem remote. I always jump at a chance to mediate with you when the other side agrees or proposes you as a neutral. Though I miss chatting with you in person, I feel like nothing has been loss on the Zoom platform and the flexibility and cost savings for attorneys and their clients really helps in getting cases to mediation and resolved. Look forward to many more mediations in the future."  S.H. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch is as strong and relentless as any mediator in the legal field.  Mitch was extraordinarily prepared for our matter, which included many parties and evolving issues arising from a delicate personal injury matter.  His ability and willingness to create unique solutions for our difficult problems help us resolved this matter.  Not only did he provide a keen understanding of the issues and the law based on his own ongoing law practice, Mitch’s persistent and caring follow-ups helped us settle the matter and avoid unnecessary trial preparation costs.  I cannot emphasize enough how many times Mitch worked with us following the mediation, despite his busy mediation schedule, in order to finally resolve our matter.  Days or nights, Mitch was there to see us cross the finish line.  Moreover, his personable and relatable demeanor was a welcome gift while mediating virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. I highly recommend mediating with Mitch not only during this unusual time through the pandemic, but also in the eventual better days that will come.  T.S. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch is amazing in dealing with our clients and managing their expectations.  He understands the law really well and uses his practical experience and approach in resolving disputes.  In his mediations he is tenacious in reaching a resolution.  He is well respected by both sides and is a very effective mediator.” - R.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"Thanks so much for your efforts in getting this case resolved today. It was not going to get done without your intervention." E.D.B. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch's ability to seamlessly navigate Zoom with the use of his tablet and screen share made the experience much more enjoyable and engaging. It was like being in person without being served a sandwich. Mitch's technical skill and engaging mediation style is only surpassed by his ability to resolve at fair value. Mitch is one of my top 5 mediators I routinely use."  L.Q. - Plaintiff's Counsel.  

"Thank you again, Mitch. We couldn’t have done it without you. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated."  A.S. - Defense Counsel.

"We have utilized Mr. Tarighati as our mediator for a number of cases, including virtual “Zoom” mediations during this pandemic. Each time, we have felt that Mr. Tarighati’s knowledge of the subject matter, preparation, style, and understanding of the litigation process has provided our office and our client with the best opportunity to resolve the matter. As a practicing attorney himself, Mr. Tarighati understands and explains the litigation process and risks of trial to the participants in way that helps attorneys and their clients process their decisions more effectively and make better judgments. He is also creative and nimble in finding new avenues for resolution when the parties seem deadlocked. Most recently, Mr. Tarighati has displayed a deft ability to use Zoom to communicate with the parties and their attorneys, thereby making the virtual mediation process seamless. Mitch is on our short-list of preferred mediators!”  D.A.E. - Defense Counsel.

"I had the pleasure of my first mediation with Mr. Tarighati.  His temperament was perfect. His feel for the other side was spot on.  His recommendations to move the negotiations in a productive manner were invaluable. Definitely a must add to your list of go-to mediators!"  R.J.O. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"Mitch worked tirelessly to get the job done. He was effective in bringing both sides together. Client was very satisfied with the experience overall.”  S.F. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch: As always--thanks so much for the time, effort, energy, and hard work you put in on resolving this case."  S.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.  

"It was a pleasure to mediate with Mitch Tarighati. He was thoroughly prepared, understood the case, and he understood the dynamics between the parties. He listened to clients to allow them to vent, which also helped to resolve the case. He persevered, and stayed with the parties well beyond  the call of duty and the engagement to make sure that the case got resolved. A really excellent overall mediation experience. Highly recommend!!!”  D.J.K. - Defense Counsel.   


"I want to share my experience mediating a case with Mitch Tarighati for the first time on Zoom (also a first). Mitch is a pro and worked really hard to bring the case to resolution. He was great at cutting to the chase and addressing the issues that went to the heart of the case, after first putting everyone at ease by explaining the process to my client. I really liked his style of getting to know my client better and focusing on the human story rather than medical bills and numbers.  Also appreciated his sense of humor. The fact that the mediation was on Zoom made no difference in settling the case.  In fact, it was a better experience (minus no snacks in the Zoom room) in the sense that there's more freedom to do other things during downtime, no hassle with driving, and finding parking. Mitch implemented share screen option and white board to visually demonstrate some things he wanted to communicate, as did I. The experience was smooth from start to finish.  I highly recommend Mitch!"  M.D. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you so much for all your help in getting this one resolved! The Zoom format worked out great. Really appreciate it so much."  G.M. - Defense Counsel.


"We had a great experience working with Mitch and especially appreciated his tireless efforts to get the case resolved after the mediation ended.  The use of Zoom for our mediation also went off without issue.  I will definitely recommend using him again as he seemed to have a great relationship with the attorneys and clients in all rooms."  C.G.F. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"While mediations via ZOOM are not the same thing as being there face to face with the mediator, Mitch did a tremendous job making you feel like you were right there in the room with him. Mitch handled the entering and exiting of private rooms  without a hiccup and spent quality time with both sides. Best of all, he helped us get the case settled.    It was the first time I used Mitch, but it won’t be the last. I will definitely utilize his mediation services in the future.  Thanks Mitch!"  V.K. - Claims Examiner.


"Mitch is a knowledgeable, experienced, and very effective mediator.  He went above and beyond to get our difficult dispute resolved quickly and fairly. We recommend him highly and will be using his services in the future."  A.L.L. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


“He keeps working until he gets the job done.”  D.A. - Defense Counsel.


"Mr. Tarighati has done it again. Thank you for your expertise and professionalism. My clients and I were extremely happy with the UIM mediation results today. Your strategy and communication skills are unmatched. I look forward to many more mediations with you. Thank you again."  V.T. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I was very pleased with Mr. Tarighati in the handling of a recent first party mediation.  He was clear in laying out the groundwork for the negotiations and worked well with both the claimant and defense.  He did not force a settlement, he facilitated one.  Would be happy to utilize his services in the future.”  C.M.P. - Claims Examiner


"Mediating with you was a pleasure.  You had an excellent command of the issues and broached those litigated points of contention with marked professionalism.   I believe your style was equitable and even handed.  I would definitely use you again and recommend you to my colleagues.  Thank you sincerely for your hard work."  D.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you again for resolving today’s case and last week’s.  Looking forward to working with you again soon."  C.G.H. Defense Counsel.


"Mr. Tarighati has the unique ability to get through to parties, and did so effectively using remote mediation tools such as Zoom. Mr. Tarighati is courteous and professional and has the ability to understand the nuances of a case to drive the matter towards resolution.”  A.T.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I have mediated twice with you in multi-party personal injury matters, both cases settled and my client was very pleased with the outcome in both cases. Your style is very professional and efficient and your rates are highly competitive...We are currently working to schedule another mediation with you in another multi-party personal injury case for September – hopefully we can keep your streak going!"  J.S.C. - Defense Counsel.


"I have mediated several cases with Mitch, and although not every case has settled, I have always left the mediation believing that we gave our best shot at settlement. Mitch’s greatest strength is his ability to connect with everyone in the room  and get everyone to trust him, and his gentle but no nonsense style. He has always been willing and able to call us out if we are being unreasonable and get everyone to focus on what is needed to settle the case. I have learned that it is much easier to settle a case if you fully trust the mediator and are able to be brutally honest. He creates that kind of environment and I believe his success is directly linked to his ability to get everyone to trust him. He is able to do that by being honest and fair throughout the process no matter who the parties are. Mitch’s follow up is second to none.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good, aggressive mediator who is there to settle the case."  E.Z. - Plaitniff's Counsel.


"Mr. Tarighati is a true problem solver.  He mediated a personal injury matter with me involving serious permanent injuries.  He listens well, pushes when necessary, and has a humanistic yet realistic approach.  His hard work led to a successful resolution."  K.W. - Defense Counsel.


"When [name omitted] opposing counsel first mentioned your name as a prospective Mediator on this case, I was hesitant to use your services because the defense recommended you. However, after the mediation I stand corrected, your knowledge of the subject matter, your subtle but effective mannerisms and most of all your hard work on the parties to get to a settlement was greatly admired and appreciated. I look forward to another mediation with you."  A.L.U. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


“Mr. Tarighati worked tirelessly to settle our multi-party case.  He seamlessly balanced the competing interests of all parties involved to reach a fair and reasonable settlement.  I have no doubt that he will work day and night toward the resolution of any case, no matter the size, to ensure the desired outcome is reached on behalf of all participants.  I would recommend his services to other attorneys in my office in a heartbeat.”  I.F. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch is great.  A true neutral who worked both sides in our case to achieve a resolution. Great demeanor and people skills”  D.W.D. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"In my thirty years of litigation, I have attended hundreds of mediations with mediators ranging from court appointed and low cost to very expensive retired Judges and truly believe that Mitch Tarighati is one of the best. I first started using his services before he joined ADR and will continue to use him because he gets the job done. If he can’t get it settled during the mediation, he works tirelessly afterwards to try to settle the case. I recently used Mitch, during the pandemic, for a Zoom Mediation and he successfully settled the case one week after the mediation."  T.P - Defense Counsel.     


"Mitch has become our go to mediator for our personal injury cases. His keen legal knowledge and understanding of the nuances of each individual case, along with his personal approach and sincerity with all parties involved truly help get our cases resolved. Even when our cases didn’t settle, Mitch took it upon himself to continue working and reaching out to the parties, for days after, in the hopes of reaching a resolution. That personal touch is what sets him apart from many other mediator out there.”  M.R.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch just recently mediated a very difficult wrongful death action which had a lot of moving parts and challenges.  He continued to keep focus despite significant differences in evaluations while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, compassion, and respect for our clients.  As a result of his continued efforts and creative approach, he got the case settled.  Very thankful for his perseverance."  S.V.  - Plaintiff's Counsel.   


"Thank you, Mitch. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and insight into this difficult case, as always. Until the next one."  F.J.M. - Defense Counsel.


"I wanted to share a recent outstanding experience that I had in a Zoom mediation during Covid with Mitch Tarighati. I was a bit skeptical and uncertain whether a mediation would be effective via Zoom. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Mr. Tarighati made the entire process very easy and the mediation went very smooth. The breakout rooms feature was very effective. He would get in and out of the meetings easily. When he was out of the room, I could speak with our client easily. The unexpected factor for me was how he was able to push the parties despite not being there in person. Because of his patience, knowledge and tenacity, we were able to resolve a heavily litigated dog bite case before Trial. My experience mediating with Mitch via Zoom was amazing. I highly recommend Mr. Tarighati to anyone looking to settle their case!"  T.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel. 


"Rarely have I encountered a mediator that works as hard as Mitch does to get a case settled - he stayed with us till 8 at night and throughout subsequent days to get our case resolved and is willing to try absolutely anything and everything. The virtual format was not nearly as foreign as I had feared and Mitch ran things so smoothly and was so familiar with Zoom's special tools for mediators (such as separate virtual rooms for the parties) that it actually felt quite similar to a traditional mediation."  A.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you for all of your efforts in what was a very long post mediation process. Well above and beyond what most mediators would do in my experience."  M.A.H. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you for help with yesterday's mediation. You did a great job. I found you to be fair to both plaintiff and defense. Your style was persuasive and direct, but also compassionate and caring - which went along way with my client. I will definitely use your services in the future and have no hesitation recommending you to my colleagues."  T.F.F. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch is an outstanding mediator. Truly one of the best. He constantly is coming up with creative ways to bridge gaps and move parties toward the middle. His persuasion and resolution skills are second to none. When Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown happened, I had a mediation scheduled with him, and the other side and I agreed to move forward via a Zoom mediation. Before it started, I was a bit skeptical as to how well mediating via Zoom would work. But it worked great, just the same as if we were there in person. Mitch and the technical folks at ADR Services can take you and your clients in and out of virtual “rooms” so that you can meet just with your clients, just with Mitch, with Mitch and opposing counsel, or any other combination. It really was quite seamless. And, yeah, oh by the way, the case settled. So, if you are on the fence about mediating via Zoom, don’t be. Pick Mitch as your mediator, mediate and settle your case."  M.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I just settled a contentious trucking accident case with mediator Mitch Tarighati over Zoom. I’ve had mixed experiences with Zoom mediation – some neutrals just do not seem comfortable with it. Mitch was very effective, knew the software really well, and kept the whole process moving. He’s also got a strong litigation background and really understands how carriers value claims. Strongly recommend him."  B.P.M. - Defense Counsel. 


"All our mediations so far have been done in person so my law firm was hesitant to use zoom for mediation. However, mediator Mitch Tarighati put any doubt about zoom mediation to rest. He prepared for the mediation as though all those who participated were there with him. He was on top by familiarizing himself with the entire case and knowing what the core issues were to resolve. Needless to say, the mediation ended successfully. My client was impressed with Mr. Tarighati's professionalism and expertise."  A.F.C. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


“This was my third mediation since the epidemic, and the first where Zoom was used flawlessly.  Mitch pulled us in and out of rooms, and made it feel like an in-person mediation.  Most importantly, he got it done!”  A.B. – Plaintiff’s Counsel.

“You made the technology extremely easy for us to use. We felt very comfortable throughout the process. You provided the same attention that you would normally provide if we were physically present at the mediation. There was no noticeable difference! We felt that our privacy needs were met. You were able to facilitate the closing documents. This was my first time of doing Zoom mediation. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how effective Zoom mediation was. It was a very positive experience for me and I think that it will become the way to mediate cases in the future. I strongly recommend my colleagues to give Zoom mediation a chance. I am optimistic that they will find this method very effective.”  E.C. – Defense Counsel. 

“I felt the Zoom mediation process was almost no different than the in-person mediation process in terms of effectiveness.  Mr. Tarighati ran the show and my clients were comfortable and at ease with the entire process. I've mediated with almost everyone, including the higher priced mediators at other providers, but Mitch Tarighati is the best of them all.”  K.R.S. – Plaintiff’s Counsel.  


"I recently participated in my first mediation with Mr. Tarighati, and it happened to be online too. Despite my strong preference for in-person sessions, it was a great pleasure and experience for both my client and myself. Mr. Tarighati certainly has a strong grasp of the unique issues associated with personal injury cases, but his persuasive demeanor and his ability to get along with everyone made settlement an achievable reality. He also had command of the videoconferencing technology where it became quite beneficial and a great convenience over the usual trek to his Downtown L.A. office. I wholeheartedly would recommend Mr. Tarighati’s mediation services and would consider using him again in the future."  B.A.L. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


“You did a great job for us. We will certainly use you again, and will recommend you (already have). You worked our case hard, you listened to our position, and you clearly worked well with all parties, including our very high up the food chain adjuster. The parties were a long way apart with their “last, best, and final” offers, yet you were able to pull us together and get our case settled. I also appreciate your willingness to really grind out this case when both sides refused to consider a mediator’s proposal. Your use of the Zoom technology was pretty-well seamless – I had not mediated via video conference before.  Similarly, the closing documents were as easy as they would have been in person.  While Zoom might be a somewhat odd way to have our first mediation together, it was very successful indeed.” N.A.F. – Defense Counsel.


“I have mediated many cases with Mitch over the last couple years and every case has settled for fair value.  I recently participated in two Zoom mediations with Mitch and both settled as well.  Mitch’s compassionate mediation style easily translates to Zoom.  Mitch takes the time to explain the process to my clients, gains their trust, and carefully evaluates the positive aspects of the case and the difficulties.  Settlement are confirmed before we conclude the mediation, and documents are provided shortly after conclusion of the mediation and quickly signed with e-signatures.  Due to Mitch’s excellent work, I hope to utilize Zoom mediations long after we return to our office.” S.P. – Plaintiff’s Counsel.

"Thank you again for all your hard work and efforts in getting the parties to reach a resolution in the above matter.  Your thoughtful and direct approach in addressing the issues with both sides were instrumental in resolving the case. I look forward to mediating with you in the future."  T.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"We really appreciate your hard work in getting this case resolved. You have earned your position as one of our go-to mediators. You have settled two difficult cases with difficult personalities. 100% success rate where others have failed. The fact you are respected by both plaintiff and defense attorneys makes agreeing to mediation and you as a mediator that much easier."  J.H. - Defense Counsel.


"I want to thank you for your tremendous effort, time and guidance in getting this case resolved. Your demeanor, patience and understanding of the issues was invaluable.  Your process in developing trust amongst the parties, attorneys and carrier is what prompted the settlement. My clients also enjoyed meeting you and putting them at ease. This is my second successful mediation with you and certainly won’t be my last."  G.A.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch is a mediator who "gets it." He's intelligent, caring, and he works hard, which are all incredibly important and helpful in the mediation process. He's also patient, and he goes the extra mile to get cases settled."  P.A. - Defense Counsel.


"Despite knowing of his reputation as a skilled mediator, I was only recently able to being a case to Mitch. I was so impressed with his grasp of the facts, attention to detail and in my case, most importantly, his connection with my client. Mitch displayed genuine empathy and concern that helped build trust and led to a fair settlement. We will certainly be requesting his services in the future."  M.G. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I want to thank you for the terrific job you did as a mediator. You went above and beyond your required duties, both in the two mediation sessions and after each session. You worked hard with both sides to get to a point of agreement.  Even though we were not able to reach an agreement during the sessions, you wisely submitted a mediator’s proposal to which both sides agreed.  I truly appreciate your effort!"  A.N.F. - Defense Counsel.


"A successful mediation is heavily dependent on the mediator and his/her approach. The proper mediator will push for settlement, while being fair to both sides. Mr. Tarighati is exactly that. Great mediation skills, great experience from both sides, and great knowledge about a wide range of litigation matters. I highly recommend Mr. Tarighati to anyone looking to settle their case."  A.S.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Your mediation of our difficult case required excellence, and you gave us just that. You were prepared. You understood the hot button issues. You dealt with new sub rosa information in a very open and productive way. You had a plan, and adapted your plan to fit our situation. You were wonderful to work with, charming, forceful, paint, tenacious, creative. You never waivered. I have mediated for decades in Los Angeles. I know the best. You are among them. Both sides left satisfied. A solution was needed, very few could have threaded that needle, and you did. Top notch!" J.M.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you for assisting us in resolving this case, the timing also could not have been better for everyone given the current climate we are in. While at first I wasn’t sure what to make of your bracket to bracket approach, ultimately it made sense as we started to see a lot of progress in getting to our final resolution. We are very happy with the outcome of this case and we greatly appreciate all your efforts."  K.A. - Senior General Adjuster | National Liability Claims.


"Mitch was great!  He was thoughtful, diligent, prepared and a gentleman.  He projected a sense of understanding that made me feel like he understood the value of my case better than I did.  He got us to a final settlement that surpassed my expectations of what I might get and he did it without even breaking a sweat.”  T.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch never disappoints.  His personality and professionalism help parties reach a fair resolution on their matters. Thank you Mitch." S.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch has now successfully settled two of my cases.  He is excellent at what he does and seems to know exactly what to say to both sides to get to common ground.”  A.D.E. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you for your excellent work on this case. You made the plaintiff and my office feel comfortable with your “next-move” recommendations throughout the mediation and we walked out believing that we got fair value for the case. You did the work in a calm and professional manner. Looking forward to mediating more cases with you."  L.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel


"Great work yesterday, thanks for all your help in getting this resolved Mitch."  Z.X.F. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch just resolved a case for us that made our client very happy. I have to say that I was most impressed by his ability to see through the posturing, understand where both sides really were in terms of settlement, and make a mediator’s proposal that both sides accepted. Thank you, Mitch!" B.C. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"For a very reasonable price, Mitch knows how to get the top dollar. I will continue to recommend him as an effective mediator."  T.L. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you very much for your constant efforts to make the parties settle this matter even after the paid, 4-hour mediation period. Your valuable insights into the complicated legal issues made the settlement possible between parties even beyond the allotted time. That you expended extra time and efforts even after the 4-hour mediation is spectacular, considering you provided your extra services gratis et amore. Never in my law practice since 1995 have I met such a conscientious mediator."  D.I.A. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you for your hard work in getting our matter resolved last Thursday I really appreciate it and it was great to work with you. I am looking forward to getting that opportunity again in the near future!"  M.D.W. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Great job and I appreciate your work as always!S.J.R. - Defense Counsel.


"Mr. Tarighati, thank you for being such an amazing mediator and thank you thank you thank you for getting our disputed liability auto v. auto case settled two weeks before trial. Your strategy of having a twofold approach at the mediation was genius… 1) try to settle the case and 2) if we cant settle at least try to resolve the issue of liability. Well, you did both. You made defense accept liability and eventually settle the case at the mediation. My client and I are extremely happy with the outcome. Your knowledge of the law and approach at mediation is unmatched. Thank you again."  V.T. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"You were absolutely wonderful in your effort of resolving our case. Thank you so much everything. You were very precise on explaining to all parties what the value of their respective cases were, which is what everyone wanted. You were amazing. Thanks again!" B.T. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you for your assistance yesterday – your input and assistance was very valuable in reaching a reasonable settlement.  I felt you had a great understanding of the claim issues – from both sides, and worked hard to get the matter resolved.  I plan on  using your services in the future and have already recommended your services to another colleague."  E.H.K. - Defense Counsel. 


"Thank you Mitch for your hard work both during and after mediation to close out this case. You were always available, responsive, and sincere throughout the process. Your credibility with both sides was the driving force behind resolving this case and both us and our client and are indebted to you."  P.C.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"This was my first time using Mitch, but it won’t be the last. I was pleasantly surprised at his diligent follow-up post mediation, but it was quickly clear he was genuinely interested in assisting the parties reach resolution.  His rates are very fair and he’s now on my shortlist of mediators to use and recommend."  F.T. - Defense Counsel.


"I have been, as a plaintiffs lawyer, participating in attending mediations, and mostly trying, cases for 25 years.  You mediated this case for the parties and worked with the parties for months following the mediation to settle the case after the initial mediation did not result in a settlement.  In all my years of practice, I have never seen a mediator take such interest after the mediation to stay in touch with the parties and attempt to reach a settlement in a highly disputed case as you have done for us in this case. I did not know there was such a mediator that made continued efforts part of their practices.  Mitch.  All other mediators I have encountered, once the mediation that was it if the case did not settle, it was like "if you want to mediate again "let us know" and we will schedule another mediation.   With you, what we received was continued phone and e mail contact and perseverance that I have never experienced before and somehow, as a result of that, our case was settled favorably just days before trial.  I have never seen a mediator stick with a case after an initial mediation did not settle the case like you have done for us in this case that settled yesterday,  and I cannot thank you enough.  The clients loved you, and somehow you actually made the process very pleasant along the way for the attorneys and the litigants.  I will be recommending you highly to any litigating attorney at every opportunity. Thanks again for your very impressive assistance along the way, because without your efforts I would have spent a week or two in a Federal Trial on a very difficult case for sure in the week to come. When you look up "Bang for the Buck" in the dictionary it should have your picture!  G.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch thank you very much for your very effective and persistent follow up to get this difficult case settled.  We could not possibly have achieved this resolution without your excellent and insightful help.  Our client is thrilled."  E.J.E. - Defense Counsel.


"I want to thank you for your efforts in resolving this matter. Not only did you spend the additional time to secure a settlement, but you also took the laboring oars to bring the third party to the table when they didn’t even participate in the mediation. You conducted this mediation like the true Maestro that you are, for which I am grateful. Thank you again and rest assured that you are on the top of my recommendations for my cases headed to mediation."  G.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I am pleased to say that I have another mediator to add to my list of highly recommended mediators.  Mitch was instrumental in aligning the interests of multiple plaintiffs in a personal injury matter to split a limited pool of funds.  He worked tirelessly to communicate with the respective parties to achieve a global settlement.  Mitch was very knowledgeable about the numerous issues in our case.  His rates are extremely competitive and you will certainly feel that your clients got their money's worth.  I look forward to working with him again in the future."  L.P.P. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"We trusted Mitch with a very delicate matter involving life changing injuries and frankly insufficient resources to remedy the harm.  Through a combination of compassion, communication and  pragmatism, he gently worked all sides into a position where everyone  was ready to resolve the case.  His communication skills and plain language with our clients brought this from an intimidating process to an understandable one.  The case was one where emotions could have ruled the day but instead, because of Mitch Tarighati’s particular skill set, the parties were able to resolve their dispute.  For that, we express our gratitude."  W.O.W. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you Mitch for your hard work on this case.  Despite the strained relationship between the parties and the difficult circumstances leading up to the mediation, you went above and beyond to get this case settled.  Your methods and attention to detail allowed the parties to narrow the wide gap in their settlement demands and ultimately resulted in the resolution of our case prior to a long, protracted lawsuit being initiated.  Excellent job!"  S.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mr. Tarighati was tenacious in accomplishing settlement on our case. It was a challenging case with all involved parties entrenched in their positions. Mr. Tarighati was well prepared and had thoroughly examined the parties' briefs, enabling us to jump into the issues quickly. We will definitely return to him for future mediations without hesitation, and we absolutely recommend his services to others."  S.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you, Mitch!  It was great working with you on this one, you are a fantastic mediator. I will be recommending you to my colleagues."  S.M.H. - Defense Counsel.


"Thanks, Mitch. Your hard work in helping us resolve this matter is appreciated. I will certainly keep you in mind for future mediations."  P.L.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you, Mitch, for doing a fine job helping the parties to resolve this dispute. You managed to bring the competing demands and offers within reasonable limits, and your mediator’s proposal struck the right balance, resulting in an acceptable settlement. Good work!" M.A.L. - Defense Counsel.


"I want to thank you for your time and efforts in this case.  This was the first time I had ever mediated a case with you and found you to be very open, honest and upfront about what was happening.  I would not hesitate to you use again. You truly seem to care about what happens to both parties and make it a point to make sure that both sides are heard and appreciated along with fostering an environment in which to resolve a case."  T.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you Mitch for all your hard work on this matter. Your approach on this case was well thought out and, in the end, successful. Most appreciated."  R.B.K. - Defense Counsel.


"This was a difficult mediation, with a very uncertain argument for liability.  You handled it professionally, enthusiastically, and with a personal touch that makes you a natural mediator.  It was a true pleasure working with you (together this time, instead of opposing).  L.V.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch did a great job working with the Parties to find a common ground. He connects with both sides really well and his follow-up efforts are second to none."  S.G. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I have worked with Mr. Tarighati on a number of cases and find him to be a highly effective mediator. Mr. Tarighati is a consummate professional that exemplifies it through preparation, courtesy, and a willingness to diligently follow-up, if needed, without additional charges. His command of the facts, as articulated in briefs and various discussions, are clear throughout the mediation process. He effectively uses his independent assessment when presenting counter points for consideration. I believe his most effective trait is his ability to recognize and articulate risk vs benefit by combining information, data, and other potential considerations to intangibles such as optics.  At the end of the process, it has been my observation that the parties involved believe their positions were heard and considered but settlement was an independent decision not a predetermined outcome. I would recommend Mr. Tarighati to anyone and will gladly use his services in the future."  D.K. - Senior Claims/Risk Professional

"Thank you sincerely in assisting us to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement.  I really liked your working style, experience, and honesty given to us at the past mediation.   Both my clients were pleased with what we accomplished and I and my office look forward to working with you on future matters without a doubt. Thanks again."  D.C.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you. Your mediation services are always appreciated. Your approach is patient, professional and most productive. You are consistently fair, well prepared and well reasoned. Your listening skills are second to none."  A.A. - Defense Counsel. 


"I want to thank you for helping us in settling a difficult premises liability case. Our client was very happy with the outcome, and more importantly how your style made her at ease in this process."  S.F.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thank you Mitch. Once again you did a great job. Your demeanor, professionalism and respect is commendable. You have all of the attributes of a successful mediator. Your attention to detail and your great communication skills gets the job done!  A.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.  

"You have a great way of bringing the parties together in reaching a fair and reasonable settlement for each side."  A.V.C. - Defense Counsel.  


"Mitch really puts the time in to get to know each detail of your case.  He puts great effort into getting your case settled at a fair value.  Highly recommend him for any type of PI case."  R.F. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Your mediation services are always appreciated. Your approach is patient, professional and most productive. You are consistently fair, well prepared and well reasoned. Your listening skills are second to none."  A.A. - Defense Counsel.


"I have worked with Mitch on three cases. He has settled all of them. On every single one of them he has been able to make my client feel comfortable and made them all them feel like he was fighting for them. Obviously, no case is perfect and what I really appreciate is when the time comes for him pointing out risks he does so in a way where the client doesn't get defensive and seem to listen to him with an open mind.  I think it stems from the fact that (a) he is smooth and (b) he doesn't bludgeon the client.  He points things out in a logical manner and let's the clients know that even though there are risks, not all hope is lost."  D.M.G. - Plaintiff's Counsel.     


"Mr. Tarighati was highly effective for multiple reasons. First, Mr. Tarighati listened and prepared well. He understood the facts as articulated in the briefs and was able to assimilate the data and arguments to evaluate points of strengths and weakness. Second, Mr. Tarighati appeared to use that information and presented counter points of consideration. Third, Mr. Tarighati elevated the risk analysis with factors related to optics and intangibles, but never forced his view of them upon any particular side. Mr. Tarighati was not predisposed in an outcome, but was very respectful to both sides. I would recommend Mr. Tarighati for my next personal injury case and have already done so to members of my firm."  I.A.R. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you again for working so hard with all of us in bringing this matter to a resolution. This was not an easy matter to bring to a resolution, considering that we heavily litigated it for a year before bringing this matter to you. We could not have done it without you. On behalf of my client and my office, thank you!"  G.B. - Plantiff's Counsel.


"I would like to thank you so very much for your expertise, skills, patience and demeanor in helping us resolve this difficult case.  We previously engaged in a mandatory settlement conference that was ineffective.  On the other hand, without your skillset, we would never have settled the case.  Your patience in explaining things to my client in a simple yet respectable manner helped tremendously to keep her focused and resolute.  In addition, your graciousness and generosity in spending an extra four hours with us shows just how committed you are to your own mediation practice and willingness to go the extra mile to resolve matters.  The fact that you did not charge my client the extra time is incredible.  Thank you so much.  I have been a fan of ADR Services, Inc. for most of my career.  You were the first non-retired judge I used, and your skills and effectiveness were on par if not superior to most of my experiences.  You are my go-to mediator for cases within your scope of work. Kudos to you, and a heartfelt thank you, again."  D.S.F. - Defense Counsel.


"This was my first time using Mitch as a mediator.  Opposing counsel recommended him for our case.  Since I am not afraid of using new people for mediators, I agreed to use him.  I am so glad I did.  Mitch was a professional from the very beginning.  I was impressed with his style and the way he made the client feel comfortable with the process.  He had clearly read the briefs in advance and understood the issues.  More importantly, he could see the sticking points that were hindering both sides from getting to an agreement.  He worked hard and long throughout the scheduled mediation, and beyond.  While we did not settle at the mediation session, he got us very close.  He was not finished.  Immediately after the session, by agreement of the parties, he submitted a mediator’s proposal.  A detailed proposal was in my e-mail within two hours of the conclusion of the mediation.  Ultimately, with his proposal, both sides agreed to settle the case.I highly recommend Mitch Tarighati to any attorney who wants someone to understand both sides and who knows how to get past the barriers which prevent movement toward settlement."  D.H.R. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I had a very tough mediation with Mitch. Going into the mediation I was almost certain that the case would need to go to trial. Even when the client and I wanted to walk out, Mitch forced us to stay and continue the dialog. He was able to get us more money that we thought the carrier would pay and helped avoid the case going to trial. I have used him on several occasions, and he impresses me each and every time."  M.R.P. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch did an outstanding job getting my case settled.  What began as a mediation with the parties miles apart and slim prospects of settlement ended with an accepted mediators proposal on both sides.  Mitch’s creative and innovative style and rapport with all sides is a tremendous asset in mediations, and I would happily use Mitch to try to resolve even the toughest of cases.”  J.T.N. - Defense Counsel.


"On behalf of my client I would like to thank you for your efforts to settle her case. This is the second difficult case that you successfully settled with our office. I will continue to call upon you in the future whenever I have an opportunity to do so."  F.N. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I enjoyed working with Mitch to settle one of my recent personal injury cases.  His thoughtful and direct approach to negotiations in the multi-party litigation helped us to reach an efficient resolution for everyone involved.  I look forward to working with him again in the future."  B.P. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch is the mediator's mediator.  He is extremely personable and as an active attorney with a balanced practice, understands the needs and driving forces behind both the Plaintiff's and Defendant's positions.  Mitch was extremely personable, my client trusted him immediately and he got our case resolved despite my expectations.  This is the third time I have used him on difficult cases and he has resolved each matter for me.  He is a definite "go-to mediator" on my highly recommended list and as an added bonus, his rates are extremely competitive and fair."  H.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch was an absolute professional throughout the entire mediation. He was friendly, attentive, energetic, and on-point with his guidance on the merits, value and strategic considerations of our case. Most importantly, Mitch was able to manage expectations and temper the emotions of the strong personalities present. He got it done, and I look forward to working with him again."  A.F. - Defense Counsel. 


"I’m pleased that the matter settled and your role was essential in making that happen. It was a pleasure working with you again and I hope to do so more often in the future." D.K. - Senior Claims & Risk Professional. 


"Lesser mediators might not have been able to navigate this case to a reasonable settlement.  We of course had the “normal” monumental hurdles.  But through the ebbs and flows, what made this settlement possible was how you so ably, naturally and empathetically tapped into what really mattered to my client, and your conversation with her near the end of the mediation allowed this settlement to occur.  We were all somewhat tired and emotional at that point but you persevered, seemingly tirelessly.  You have a real talent and an exceptionally effective process and style.  We were lucky to have you and I cannot thank you enough."  S.L.R. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch has settled numerous cases for me over the course of the last 5 years.  His intuition and ability to discover the issues important to all parties early on in the mediation process are invaluable traits. He has settled all of my cases and the parties and counsel all left satisfied with the process. Mitch is compassionate and a great listener.  He makes the litigants and their attorneys feel comfortable throughout the process. He is respectful of all views and opinions presented to him which makes the parties feel legitimately listened to. Mitch gets a read early on of how to deal with the parties best to get to a settlement. I highly recommend Mitch to all attorneys who want to get their cases settled and their clients feel good about the mediation process at the same time."  C.S. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch is the consummate professional.  He was very approachable to the lawyers and client.  He made great suggestions throughout the mediation to achieve the best outcome for our client.  I would use Mitch again in a heartbeat!"  N.G. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"This case would not have settled without your help. You kept on the case and worked both sides to get a resolution that my client is happy with and from what I have heard from opposing counsel his clients are also happy. I would gladly use you in the future."  S.M.K. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch, you did an outstanding job of resolving our case. First party cases can be tricky, but your sage guidance helped close the deal. I look forward to working with you again." C.C.K. - Defense Counsel.


"I have utlilized Mitch as a mediator on several cases and have not been disappointed. While not all the cases settled at mediation (naturally, not all cases do), Mitch always gives the parties a good opportunity to resolve their differences, was always well-prepared and more than willing to listen to both sides in order to reach a compromise. On those matters that did not settle at the mediation, Mitch's post-mediation follow-up has been consistent and effective. I plan to use Mitch again and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an effective mediator."  E.A.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thanks once again for the help resolving this case. As mentioned, this was the second time I’ve used ADR in the last 6 months and both times, we settled favorably. In this case, both parties, began the day miles apart and as a result of your professionalism and guidance during the mediation process, we achieved results within our expected range.  Your ability to move the process along quickly into bracketing, then your savoy “mediator’s supposal” and finally onto the “mediator’s proposal” ensured both parties stayed on course and focused on a successful outcome. I have no doubt, you lobbied both sides equally for a fair and just settlement.  Well done!"  C.J. - General Manager Global Claims.


"Incredibly prepared and knowledgeable about the details of our case. Efficient and focused on securing a settlement. Highly recommended."  G.S.M. - Defense Counsel.


"If you are looking for a tireless and experienced neutral to mediate a difficult and contentious case --- look no further than Mitch Tarighati. I cannot recommend him more highly. Several times during the mediation, I thought that the parties were done and no settlement could be reached. But Mitch’s perseverance and creative approach led to a settlement. He is smart, persistent, courteous, and very creative. He has experience with Defendants, insurance companies, and representing Plaintiffs. So he has insights into both sides at a mediation. He is an outstanding mediator."  M.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"We wish to acknowledge and thank you for assisting us in bringing this matter to an amicable resolution. Your professional assistance was a key factor in the settlement yesterday. Thank you for your patience and going the extra mile in bringing an agreement between the parties.We will certainly recommend you as a mediator. Your knowledge of the issues in this personal injury case was excellent. Thank you again."  J.A.N. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you again for the awesome work. I was confident that your unbiased and detailed approach would help get this matter resolved. You didn't let us down.  You even stayed overtime to ensure a resolution. That was very considerate and professional of you.  It is no wonder you are highly recommended. You are definitely on the top of our small list of preferred mediators. Again thank you for the great work." - R.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"It was great working with you as well, you were fair with approach to the mediation and I felt like you did an excellent job of bridging the gap between AAA and plaintiff counsel."  M.R. - Claims Representative.


"Outstanding job yesterday. Your preparedness, knowledge, and professionalism led to our successful settlement in a case that could have easily gone to trial. I look forward to future sessions. Thank you."  A.S.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch is an extremely resourceful and insightful mediator. Our case involved difficult parties on both sides, and issues that could not be resolved by money alone. Mitch recognized those issues and adjusted accordingly to make sure we reached a compromise that both sides could live with."  C.M. - Defense Counsel.


"We used Mitch Tarighati to mediate a contentious harassment/discrimination/wage and hour matter. Mr. Tarighati was professional and polite, thoroughly prepared and in control of the process throughout. Each time negotiations were in danger of breaking down Mr. Tarighati  persuaded my client to continue through a mix of excellent understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both side’s cases and by recommending some innovative and unusual moves in negotiation that helped break deadlocks and keep the negotiation alive, all while respecting my client’s position on the facts of the case. In the end the case settled through a mediator’s proposal; my client was not initially receptive to the mediator’s proposal but Mr. Tarighati’s astute cost/benefit analysis coupled with more personal discussion with the client carried the day. The case absolutely would not have resolved without his efforts and I believe very few other mediators would have been able to successfully conclude this mediation. After the proposal was accepted, the parties’ negotiation of the non-monetary terms broke down and the deal was in jeopardy. Mr. Tarighati stayed late and remained present and heavily involved as the attorneys worked on the written agreement. Mr. Tarighati was an absolute pleasure to work with. I give him my highest recommendation; I have mediated many cases and he is on the top of my “yes” list. Thanks Mitch!"  B.D.B. - Defense Counsel.


"Your dual practice experience obviously gives you multiple eyes to see the cases you are mediating rather holistically- and this helps produce great results. Thanks for all your help!" M.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch Tarighati did a great job for us and really moved the parties towards a mutually agreeable settlement.  I would highly recommend him for mediation services."  J.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Your assistance in resolving this matter was greatly appreciated.  The mediation was a success!! You addressed all issues in a very neutral manner which I really appreciated.  Everything was explained to me thoroughly and in detail.  You provided all the pros and cons, which helped us tremendously in coming to a resolution.  I will definitely keep you in my contacts for future use.  I appreciate all of your help in assisting both the attorney and myself come to an agreement."  E.P. - Claims Representative.  


"You have never let me down. Your persistence has resulted in resolving difficult cases. I appreciate you." R.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel. 


"I want to thank you for your hard work, persistence and insight. Your skills in evaluating our matter and working toward an amicable resolution were invaluable. You were professional yet personable which goes a long way in building rapport not only with counsel but the clients. I will definitely use your services again."  G.A.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Thanks again Mitch.  My client and I were more than impressed with your ability and willingness to have that “difficult” conversation, with both sides, and cut through the emotion to address the real issues in the case.  Without your patient yet firm demeanor we do not believe the case would have resolved."  D.W.B. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you Mitch. You did an amazing job. The case resolved at the exact number we intended it to resolve for. You did not waste time and got the case resolved in everyone's best interest." J.P. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mr. Tarighati is extremely professional and takes the time to actually listen to the issues.  His experience as an attorney really comes into play as he understands the nuances with having to manage client expectations and how to get the clients to a settlement figure on par with trial verdicts. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Tarighati and I will definitely look to work with him again."  J.Y. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I can’t thank you enough for sticking with us on this case.  Without all of your follow-up calls, emails, text messages, etc., this case would have never settled.  We have already added your name to the list of preferred mediators in the office, and I hope that this was just the first of many positive case results.  Thanks for all of your hard work."  B.C.G. - Defense Counsel.

"Mitch took control of the mediation from the second we started.  I had little faith that we would resolve our dispute without the assistance of a jury but a fair deal was put together in a little more than a half day.  I look forward to working with Mitch soon." M.M.L. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Demonstrating sincerity, efficiency, and keen insights into the legal, practical, and personal issues presented, Mr. Tarighati is very effective in mediating cases in which the parties present challenging and disparate expectations regarding both liability and valuation." T.J.G. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you so much Mitch. The case won’t be settled but for your numerous follow-ups."  A.S. – Plaintiff’s Counsel.


"Thank you for your diligence and exceptional work on this matter. You were pleasant to work with. Both myself and my client enjoyed utilizing your services in mediating this case. I look forward to seeing you down the line."  J.J.Z. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"My recent mediation experience with Mr. Tarighati was refreshing, overwhelmingly positive, and renews my faith in the process.  From beginning to the end of the mediation, Mr. Tarighati listened closely to what my client and I wanted and, more importantly, needed to settle a difficult real estate case, and he orchestrated the process to achieve that result.  Mr. Tarighati is now at the top of my list of preferred mediators."  B.F. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I have used Mr. Tarighati’s mediation services in two real-estate related disputes, and Mr. Tarighati was about to settle both cases.  Mr. Tarighati takes the time to appreciate each party’s perspective and helps explain that perspective to the other parties.  Most recently, after the parties were unable to settle after a half-day mediation session, at the parties’ request, Mr. Tarighati presented a reasonable, mediator’s proposal.  He subsequently followed up with both parties, and ultimately settled the case.  I will definitely use his services again."  D.D.M. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch, I thought you did a great job.  Thanks for your time and effort."  D.A.H. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you, Mitch! It was a pleasure working with you. Your style was efficient, fair, and friendly."  A.J.F. - Defense Counsel.

"You did a great job of helping the parties reach a fair resolution considering the difficult circumstances that you were dealt with concerning the Parties."  S.G. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


I cannot thank Mitch enough for his hard work. Every once in a while, I come across a mediator that makes an impression on me. Mitch did just that. He did a wonderful job of remaining impartial, yet he was able to “tell it like it is.” He laid out all the facts, negative and positive, and worked with both sides to narrow down the issues of disagreement. He worked tirelessly on our mediation, and went the extra mile after to find a resolution that all parties agreed to. I cannot say that about every mediator I have encountered. I highly recommend Mitch, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant."  S.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel. 

"Mr. Taraghati mediated our case on the eve of trial.  Every aspect of the case was hotly contested.  When the traditional back and forth counters proved unproductive, Mr. Taraghati kept both sides engaged with creative strategies that validated the strengths and weaknesses of the parties.  His experience from both sides of the table enabled him to fully appreciate the perspective of both the plaintiff and the defense, and this showed in his demeanor with the client.  His methods throughout the session prepared both sides to accept his follow up proposal that mirrored the true value of the case.”  C.R.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"As always Mr Tarighati handled my mediation with the utmost professionalism and brought the case to a resolution that both sides believed was fair and reasonable.  I highly recommend him as a mediator."  W.J.W. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"The experience was pleasant, as always, and most importantly making the plaintiff feel comfortable about the process and the proceedings.  Very satisfied with the skill and dedication to getting the cases resolved.  Toughest cases to settle are the ones with little meat on the bone.  But you seem to get it done."  A.Z. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"It’s been my pleasure working with Mitch, and will continue recommending his services to others! His pre-mediation preparation and straight-shooter type personality allowed us to jump right into the nitty gritty of the case, focusing our time on actual work towards resolution. His diligence, tenacity, and patience throughout the mediation let both sides understand and appreciate each other’s arguments. Finally, his post-mediation follow-up was outstanding. Mitch stayed in touch, and kept negotiations going until we reached a worthy settlement. Thanks again for all your hard work, Mitch, the results sure enough followed!”  N.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"It was a pleasure meeting you. Both my carrier and I were happy with your services. You were professional and had a good grasp on the facts of the case. The matter was settled in large part due to your professionalism and careful approach to detail."  B.E.N. - Defense Counsel. 


"I believe we reached the right resolution and appreciate your role in getting us there. It was clear that you were not resigned during the process of mediation.  Your willingness to get on the call with the carrier and push the process along was key to the outcome.  To boot, you understood the purpose behind our stance and were able to give us your honest thoughts.  This was most helpful with aiding the client in understanding the real consequences of settling and of moving forward in litigation.  I have one file off of my desk now and I owe that to you! Thank you!"  S.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"Thank you for your skillful handling of our dispute. Smaller dollar exposure cases are often more difficult to mediate and resolve than larger ones. Our matter was just that and you did an excellent job addressing expectations and promoting and achieving settlement. Again thank you and I look forward to our next case together."  L.T.P. - Defense Counsel.


"After working with Mitch just one time he became my firm's #1 preferred mediation resource for personal injury claims. Mitch is truly a pleasure to work with and most importantly, he gets results."  A.S.T. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I can say without reservation that Mitchell Tarighati was excellent in getting our case resolved.  I represented the plaintiff in a case which involved amounts beyond the policy limits and Mr. Tarighati fought hard to get both parties to reach an amicable settlement.  I would highly recommend him to opposing counsel for any upcoming cases I have in the future."  S.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I strongly endorse Mich Tarighati as a mediator. I recently used him on a case I did not think would settle.  His creativity and very hard work got it resolved, my client was thrilled."  E.J.E. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you for assisting me in resolving this matter we had on Monday. My client felt very comfortable with your approach and we believe the settlement we reached with your guidance was fair, and even above market for the type of injury. I would not hesitate in recommending you as a mediator and will definitely utilize your services again in the future."  T.F. - Plaintiff's Counsel. 


"First of all, I really appreciate your professional skill and talent as a mediator. Back in July 2018, we had a Court sponsored Settlement Conference and it took only half an hour for the mediator to simply inform us that the defendant employer was not willing to offer any compensation to our clients. That was it. That's the reason I did not expect we were able to settle the case in our mediation held on 11/13/2018 because we were dealing with the same employer. What I noticed was, however, that you were quite different in approaching and analyzing the main issues of the disputes, which means that you had already figured out strengths and weaknesses of the employers and our clients in case this case would move forward to trial. Also we had only paid for 4 hour mediation but it took us more than 6 hours to finalize the paperwork. I had a strong impression that although it is business for you, you really wanted to have some outcome to satisfy both parties rather than your fee. I have already informed my colleagues of your excellent skills and effort for our mediation and believe we were so lucky to mediate the case through you. Hope to see you again in other cases. Thank you so much, Mr. Tarighati."  M.C. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I appreciate the respect shown for my position on the issues and your ability to build the conversation from there – the pros, cons, and possible alternatives – all the while maintaining that respect.  Thank you again for a very successful mediation!"  J.L. - Claims Service Representative.


"Your true interest in finding the least costly solution to a difficult business case brought finality – something valued by my client.
Keep up the good work."  O.L. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch is a tireless mediator who is dedicated to the art of the settlement.  Key to his success is his ability to generate a well-deserved trust on both sides of his own evaluation of the case and frame the settlement negotiations such that each side walks away satisfied that a reasonable resolution has been achieved.  His specialty program for small cases (under $50,000) is a boon to both Plaintiff and Defense firms who seek to resolve such cases efficiently and fairly.  It is also another testament to Mitch's dedication to the mediation process and his clients."  D.J.C. - Plainitff's Counsel. 


"Mitch - you were patient, honest and sympathetic, and the Plaintiff trusted you. You did a great job addressing the issues and putting the parties in a position to understand and appreciate each other valuation of the case which promoted an honest dialogue about resolution. Thank you for great service."  S.V. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"You did an excellent job on this matter.  As usual you worked until you got a good settlement on both side. You have been able to resolve every case I have had with a final settlement. I highly recommend you."  V.L. - Claims/Litigation Specialist

"It is always a pleasure to work with you. You make the mediation process less painful and more productive. We had a number of personal injury cases going through the mediation process, and I have to say, that they were different experiences along the way with other mediators. The results that we have with Mitchell are mostly achieved due to his experience on both sides, plaintiff’s and defendant’s. He is always clear with issues, and understands the case. I would like to mention his great approach with clients and the ability to present the case and discuss issues with them. Overall, his intelligence, strategic thinking and business-oriented approach to dispute resolution is the key to his success in resolving the most complex cases.  N.L. - Plaintiff's Counsel. 


"I used Mr. Tarighati in a recent multi-party mediation. He was prepared and up-to-speed on all documents that were shared with him. He was also very respectful to my clients. He did a great job bringing the parties together. He was well versed and very aware of the key legal and factual issues in the case. His knowledge is exceptional, as well as his energy, skill, and his tenacity."  Z.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch, thanks for your assistance on this case.Your involvement was central to getting it resolved.”  C.M. - Plaintiff’s Counsel. 


"Mr. Tarighati’s no nonsense approach to mediation was both efficient and effective.  Mr. Tarighati knew how to approach each group at the mediation, took the time to understand the facts and was great at communicating each party’s position.  Ultimately, he was able to settle our case in a timely fashion despite a significant gap between the parties’ positions going into the mediation session."  D.M. - Defense Counsel.


Working with Mitch has been a special privilege. He brings practical experience to the process, having represented plaintiffs and defendants. He also brings a finesse and grace to the process that is very rare. He has in droves those qualities that make a great mediator, including intense preparation and tenacity. He prepares by reading the briefs carefully and understanding the law and facts before the process begins. He does not give up until he has a settlement. In my last case with Mitch, I gave up hope that a settlement was possible soon into the proceeding, and entered the mediation confident resolution was unlikely, and that the matter would proceed to trial. Mitch honed in on the key issues in the case and worked relentlessly, brining a very complicated case to an informal conclusion, weeks before the parties were ready for trial. I will use Mitch again without hesitation. Well worth the investment."  H.S. - Defense Counsel.

"It was truly wonderful to work with a mediator who has the unique experience of continuing his law practice in addition to mediating, all the while successfully representing both plaintiffs as well as defendants. I believe this background provided the necessary attention to detail which is an integral part of bringing litigation to a complete resolution. The cost was more than reasonable and the attention to detail was truly impeccable.  I would definitely keep you in mind on future matters."  A.T. - Plainitff's Counsel.   


"Thank you so much for your help as always. There are only a handful of mediators that my firm utilizes and you are on that short list. You understand the art and science of mediation better than most and you never disappoint.  Thank you."  R.R.Y. - Plaintiff's Counsel. 


"I have now had the privilege of having a couple of cases mediated with Mitch. He was universally selected by both myself and the defense because he has worked, as an attorney, on both sides of the fence. Put simply, this is a guy that gets the job done!  He is prepared, the ultimate professional, understands the issues before the mediation starts and waste little time getting to the point(s) of the case during the mediation.  When the mediation is over, and if the case has not settled, Mitch continues, on his own time, to be involved in the case making sure that every effort is made to settle the case, if possible. Hands down, one of the best mediators that I have used over the past 28 years!"  P.T. - Plaintiff's Counsel.  


"Mitch is extremely knowledgeable about personal injury.  His experience as an attorney and his consistent work as a mediator in this field is invaluable.  The fact that he is also in practice allows him up-to-date insight that many other mediators lack.  He is an excellent mediator who can handle and manage very difficult and complex cases and more importantly, relate to a broad spectrum of individuals.  Mitch is one of the best mediators I have used in my 14 years of practice.  He is at the top of my list of mediators."  S.J. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you did on this case. I always felt that this was the kind of case that would only be resolved through mediation and by a mediator as caring and dedicated as yourself. It has been a pleasure working with you on this matter, and I hope we get the chance to work on more cases in the future."  N.N. - Defense Counsel.


"I appreciate the extra effort Mitch put in to get a very difficult case postured for settlement. I anticipate that I will use him again."  A.L. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"What sets Mitch apart from all the other mediators is his tenacity and attention to detail.  He will not give up until the matter is resolved.  He will follow up long after the official session has concluded.  He makes sure that there is no room for confusion about the terms.  He understands that the devil is in the details especially in cases that have non-monetary terms.  He is patient but his experience and confidence makes sure his points are well received by the attorneys and litigants alike, and all at reasonable and fair rates."  J.S. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch is the most talented mediator that I have ever worked with.  Even though the parties were worlds apart from settlement, he was able to help us come together on a number and settle the case.  I feel bad that he spent some of his time helping us with our case when he was on vacation, but be assured, with his dedication to the parties and his ability to settle the unsettleable, he will be my first choice the next time I choose a mediator."  S.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"It was a pleasure working with you on this case.  You were very thorough, patient and knowledgeable about the facts and issues of this case.  You are very well regarded amongst my colleagues and look forward to working with you again!"  C.Z. - Defense Counsel.


"I've had the pleasure of mediating a half-dozen cases with Mitch, and remain very pleased. In most of those cases, the outcome was better than I expected. Mitch is very well-grounded, endlessly patient, and always a gentleman. I give him 5 stars!"  E.K.N. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch is an incredibly effective mediator. He actively participates in the process and has an excellent grasp of issues relevant to resolution of cases that he mediates. I have had 6 or 7 mediations with Mitch and settled every case either at the mediation or subsequent to the mediation via a Mediator’s Proposal. On a few of the mediations, the mediation went past the designated time limit and Mitch continued working towards resolution for an additional 2 hours without charging for the extra time. In fact at the last mediation, opposing counsel who had not previously used Mitch told me that he was very impressed and intended to use him in the future. I recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, effective and dedicated mediator."  M.S. - Defense Counsel


"Mitch is one of the most effective mediators I’ve used. His ideas are sometimes outside the box and I think that’s what it takes to get cases settled. He doesn’t give up when the mediation is over and always goes the extra yard to get the case settled even if it takes an extra email or phone call to the parties. He is always at the top of my proposed list."  K.L.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"You did an excellent job yesterday assisting the parties to navigate toward a great resolution for all involved. Thank you for your hard work and efforts."  N.S. - Defense Counsel.  


"I cannot say enough about Mitch.  I brought him an especially contentious case that I believed would not settle even if God, himself, had done the mediating.  Mitch persisted under very difficult circumstances and kept everyone on track and focused.  He maintained a warm, professional attitude, stayed nearly two hours past the designated time, and he got this case wrapped up.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services."  M.M. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I had not previously used Mitch but the plaintiff’s attorney recommended him and I knew the case would not settle unless the plaintiff was comfortable with the mediator so we decided to go forward.  It was a half day mediation that started at 2PM. Mitch did a very good job listening, relaying information and working hard to get the case settled.  It could have taken all day but it didn’t, he got it settled that afternoon. I will definitely use him again."  E.T.B. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch, did an excellent job on the mediation of our case. I did not feel rushed even though we went over 3 hours above what we had scheduled for. He respected and saw each parties positions and perspective.  Much appreaciated."  T.A.P. - Defense Counsel.


"As someone who has practiced law for almost 50 years, I can assure you that Mitch Tarighati is an exceptional Mediator. At our Mediation, he was thoroughly prepared; fully understood the facts and relevant issues. He possesses excellent listening skills and has a calming presence.  He is patient and respectfully persistent.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Mr. Tarighati (“Mitch”) as Mediator (especially to those involved in a contentious dispute)."  R.W.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Effective and Efficient…nothing more need be said."  T.S. - Claims Representative.


"Great attorney and a mediator.  Detail review of the injuries and facts in the case.  We have used him in many of our cases with great results.  Fair to both sides.  Will use him again in the future."  A.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"It was a pleasure working with you on this case. I look forward to seeing you again on other Mediations. Great job."  J.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch is the Michael Jordan of mediation. He handles his cases professionally and skillfully. He goes the extra mile to settle the case. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for an effective mediator."  A.P. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch always does a great job of bringing the parties together on any case regardless of the value.  I would use him on a small or extremely large case because of his ability to convince the parties to compromise their positions and resolve the case.  I have used him at least 20 times and have resolved every one of the cases.  He is simply an outstanding mediator."  W.J.W. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch mediated a simple breach of contract case between two very stubborn, entitled and ego-centric parties. Prior to mediation, counsel tried to settle, but the parties refused to listen to the reason of counsel.  Mitch exercised professional and effective services.  We went 2 hours over our allotted time.  Mitch continued in his shuttle diplomacy by continually walking back and forth to each side and thoroughly explaining risk and alternatives. He was patient and thorough in this process. He also has an amazing talent to disarm parties by connecting with them in a personable manner. It was ultimately Mitch’s professional and genuine demeanor that charmed my client to a reasonable settlement. I would highly recommend Mitch as a mediator."  J.M. - Defense Counsel.


"I would use Mr. Tarighati on any type of case - his keys to successful mediation are excellent preparation, hard work, a great personality and extensive knowledge of case facts and law and attorneys and their clients. Most importantly, he is patient – thanks again Mr. Tarighati on a successful resolution on a difficult case."  K.P. - Defense Counsel.


"I require that a Mediator have s strong background in Torts. It does not matter to me if it is from the defense or plaintiff side.  Mitch has experience on both sides and it substantially adds to his credibility.  Mitch’s experience when coupled with his temperament, understanding of the “process”, intelligence and work ethic make him a formidable mediator."  S.K.J. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch has a great attitude and does what it takes to resolve the case. I would love the chance to work with him again."  I.Y.Y. - Defense Counsel.


"I’m always skeptical when the other side recommends a mediator. After checking his background I decided to take the chance. It was well worth it. Mitch has a very unique style and is very creative and patient. He also was not afraid to go the extra mile and work a little longer to get the job done. I would not hesitate to use him again and I would definitely recommend him."  K.L.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch proved particularly tenacious and effective in pursuing negotiations and resolution of a multi-party case with parties who's expectations were substantially different. Good demeanor and persuasive skills. Certainly worth consideration for Mediation in any type of case."  K.B. - Defense Counsel.


"I recently used Mitch for the first time and was impressed with his style, demeanor, command of case facts, and ability to quickly resolve an otherwise tangled case.  I will use him again without hesitation."  M.S.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I must commend you on the way you conduct a mediation. It is both reassuring and comforting to know that someone like you exists who can put a client and counsel at ease with complete confidentiality I would recommend your services to any and all counsel wanting a fair and impartial mediator. Please be assured should another matter in my office arise for mediation you will be the first I recommend."  H.R. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


“I wanted to extend a warm THANK YOU for all the hard work you put into the mediation.  On behalf of my client and myself, we really appreciate your attention to detail.”  A.P. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch is always pleasant and patient while mediating cases.  He understands how to get cases to settle and works hard to make that a reality each and every time."  S.D. - General Claims Representative.


"Mitch, thank you for all your help in mediating my client’s PI case. You were very patient, thorough, friendly and professional. Your negotiation skills were impeccable, and you broke the positives and negatives every step of the way. Most importantly I liked that you were objective and genuine. Thanks to you, we were able to obtain a fair settlement. I look forward with working with you again, and will definitely recommend your services. You are a true Mediator. Thanks, again!"  T.A. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"I have mediated two matters with Mitch Tarighati and I have found him to be professional and unbiased in his approach. In both matters he went the extra mile to resolve the matter and I give him my full endorsement as a dedicated mediator interested in a fair resolution for all parties. He is on my list of recommended mediators."  C.R. - Defense Counsel.


"Thank you, Mitch, for doing an excellent job on the Real Estate case which we mediated. I appreciated your advance preparation, knowing the facts, issues and the law, which led to a successful result in our case. Looking forward to working with you again in the near future!"  J.C. - Senior Claims Analyst.


"Mitch mediated my client's personal injury case. I could not be more impressed with his perseverance in keeping counsel involved in settlement discussions long after the mediation was over which directly resulted in the parties reaching a settlement."  T.C. - Plaintiff's Counsel. 


"Again, thank you for going above and beyond to settle the case.  In addition to being an effective mediator (having both perspectives and offering thoughtful strategies) what sets you apart from most mediators is all the effort you put in after the mediation was over to resolve the case.  It was a pleasure working with you.   I would highly recommend Mitch as a mediator and look forward to working with him in the future."  M.M.  - Defense Counsel.


“I had a great experience having Mitch as my mediator. He was personable and friendly, very professional, and had excellent negotiation skills. He helped resolve a case that I did not think we could resolve because we were in different ballparks as far as how we valued the case. He saved us a lot of costs down the line. I would recommend him to anyone!”  S.R. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch did an excellent job!!! He is a true mediator. No strong-arming, no games. Because of this I was able to do my job as lawyer and not feel like I had to hold back from him as I have often done with past mediators. He was one of the best mediators I have had. He knew the facts, understood the situation and was entirely prepared given the amount of time we had to mediate (We opted for Mitch’s PI special for disputes under $50,000). The settlement was fair. Best of all, Mitch is genuine. Thank you, Mitch. I would highly recommend your services and will be using your services in the future. Thanks again." P.T. - Plaintiff's Counsel. 


"Mitch was thorough in his preparation and had a very good understanding of the case and the issues.   He was patient in working with both sides to find a compromise that was attainable.   He did a fantastic job and can't wait to use him again."  S.V. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch, thanks for your help. Just so you know, the main difference between you and pretty much every mediator I’ve had over the past 15 years is the effort you put in after our initial session was over, and the attention you gave to it along with the quickness you were able to resolve it once we actually got more money on the case. That, I appreciate."  A.O.S. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch was awesome.  He was diligent, effective and diplomatic.  He had a grasp on all the issues of the case and was able to work on a resolution that was beneficial to both sides.  I would not hesitate to use him again.  He is a practicing attorney and understands today's landscape more than most."  L.Q. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch was patient, thorough and insightful. He saw the case from both sides of the aisle. I highly recommend him!"  B.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitch helped us resolve a highly disputed auto vs auto case. Neither party had witnesses, there was no police report, no video. It was a word vs. word scenario. Mitch brought his skill, experience and dedication to get the case resolved. Though it was not a multi-million dollar case, he gave it the same time and attention that I think he would if it was worth millions. For that and more, we appreciate his time and effort."  R.S. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I had the pleasure of working with Mitch on a highly contentious case. This was my first mediation with Mitch, and going in, I was doubtful that the case would settle. However, Mitch worked hard and twisted arms when they needed to be twisted and got the case settled for a fair value. He is young, energetic and is not afraid to ruffle some feathers. And, he is a genuinely nice guy. I would definitely use his services again."  M.K.M. - Plaintiff’s Counsel.


"I am writing to let you know that Mr. Tarighati did an excellent job in a very difficult case. It was a contentious malicious prosecution action where the plaintiff is a lawyer representing himself. Mr. Tarighati was able to understand the bitterness resulting from the nature of the case and to bring both sides to a resolution. I doubt whether a settlement would have been reached without Mr. Tarighati." R.G.W. - Defense Counsel.


"As an attorney who has been practicing for over 40 years, I have to tell you that Mitch is an extraordinary mediator and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to mediate a contentious dispute. Mitch has exceptional intelligence. He "gets" the dynamics of the dispute and looks beyond each of the parties' attempts to prove to him, as a "surrogate judge" that, as a matter of law, their position is the "right" one and, therefore, he should persuade the other side that they should just capitulate. Mitch looks for the pressure points, the leverage, the body language, the power structure and buttons to push to try to come up with ways to resolve the dispute, outside of mere handicapping as to how a court may rule (which, in most cases,  is unpredictable under any circumstances). He is very good at defusing emotionality and his calm and charming demeanor helps to bring down the personality barriers that often stand in the way of a settlement. In short, I highly recommend him as a mediator, and you should definitely give him a try." K.F. - Plaintiff's Counsel.  


"Mitch is a likeable guy but that isn't the only trait that makes him a good mediator. It is his attention to detail, experience with civil litigation, and integrity that makes him an outstanding choice to get cases resolved. Even when the case has settled, he will go above and beyond at no extra cost to make both parties happy. We will use him again!" C.W.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I recently had the pleasure of mediating a couple cases with Mr. Tarighati. I can confidently say that his knowledge of the law and his ability to bring the parties together is truly impressive. Mr. Tarighati was persistent on getting the cases settled and went above and beyond to make sure a settlement was reached.  I will definitely use Mr. Tarighati's services again and I highly recommend him."  B.Z. - Plaintiff's Counsel in one case, and Defense Counsel in another.


"Mr. Tarighati brought to our difficult mediation thoughtful strategies, insight, patience, professionalism, and an impressive work ethic. Last minute issues and concerns did not generate any attitude or impatience,  which is not always the case with some of the more celebrated mediators whose egos have surpassed their effectiveness. I would most definitely return to Mr. Tarighati in the future."  D.R.V. - Defense Counsel.


"Mitch did an outstanding job on our first mediation together. He not only managed to resolve a difficult case, but also to articulately explain to my clients the process and alternatives. I look forward to working with Mitch again in the near future." A.A.O. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Recently I had the pleasure of mediating a personal injury case with Mitchell Tarighati. He was very effective, personable & knowledgeable and we settled the case. I would highly recommend him and fully intend on utilizing his services in the future."  - B.M.F. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I have recently utilized Mitch as a mediator on several very contentious multiple party cases.  I was astounded by his ability to cut through the emotional nature of the cases and get the parties thinking about the practicalities of settlement.  Mitch truly went above and beyond the call of duty in getting the cases closed, often following up on details well after the mediation.  He is fair and even handed.   I highly recommend Mitch as a mediator to all my colleagues."  - T.J.V. Defense Counsel.


"Mitch is very effective, and has been able to bring both sides together on some of my toughest cases. His optimism helps keep everyone motivated to resolve the case." - H.W.S. -  Defense Counsel.


"Mr. Tarighati stuck with our case until it was settled even though at one point it appeared the parties were going to walk away. This was accomplished through dogged determination coupled with a good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of each side. Neither party was happy, so I guess it was a good resolution." - B.A.O. Plaintiff's Counsel. 


"Given that this was the first time that we have had the opportunity to work together, my client and I were somewhat hesitant. However, immediately after we met you, we were put at ease.  The way you handled the mediation and were able to creatively navigate the personalities and issues involved in our case was really a pleasure to observe.  Both my clients and I walked away from the mediation very satisfied with the result and very much impressed by your talents as a negotiator.  We will definitely be calling upon you to assist us in resolving cases in the future." - N.S. Defense Counsel. 


"Mediator Tarighati goes the extra mile for his clients. Our mediation was tough and took a lot of effort to resolve. And, the only way it did settle was with Mediator Tarighati’s dedication. I recommend his mediation services and will look forward to working with him again." – A.C. – Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I have used Mr Tarighati on several different styles of auto claim disputes, such as value disputes, liability arguments, and this last was 8 plaintiffs competing for my tendered global limits. One of the attorneys in this last one was an obstacle to settlement, but Mitch worked extra diligently and got the settlement done. Thank you, Mitch. Also Mitch is respectful and professional in his speech while being down to earth and friendly as well."  - K.T. Claims/Litigation Specialist. 


"Mr. Tarighati recently mediated, and settled a habitability case for us that had a lot of moving parts. He had a friendly disposition that engendered trust, and was well prepared. Mr. Tarighati also demonstrated very effective mediation skills that kept the mediation moving forward without clashing with me or my clients. I would retain him again without hesitation." – R.G. – Defense Counsel.


"Mitch did an excellent job going above and beyond our expectations to settle our case. He was great at explaining the process to our client and was very respectful and courteous. He would send me emails and follow up late at night, make calls at all hours, all of this after the mediation had completed and he was already paid. I believe he’s an ideal mediator for both sides of the fence. Plus, he buys you lunch. Will most definitely consider using him again." - J.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.  


"It was truly a pleasure working with you to resolve this matter. Your mediation skills are superb and effective. I particularly enjoy your manner of listening to the respective positions in a thoughtful and confidential manner. Also, I respect your style in that you do not push the parties toward a particular position." - A.A. - Defense Counsel.


"You did a great job and I highly recommend you!” – K.A. – Defense Counsel.


"In a difficult case where liability and damages entailed unique considerations, Mitch was very effective in reaching a successful resolution. He clearly explained the process and eased all my client’s concerns. His grace, pragmatism, demeanor and articulateness no doubt leads to an environment where resolution is almost certain. Without a question, I will use Mitch again for both low and high value cases."  - S.G. - Plaintiff's Counsel.

"Mitch has a natural talent for mediation. I have sent him some easy ones and some tough ones and he gets the cases settled on the right terms, because he gets it! Mitch grasps the facts of the case, the applicable law, the personalities involved and distills it down to a winning equation. I have enjoyed each mediation I have been a part of, even the ones where I left paying more than I thought I would going in." - P.A. - Defence Counsel.


"Mitch’s effectiveness comes from his firm grasp of the facts of the case coupled with his innate ability to connect with the litigants as well as counsel.   He is not afraid to delve into the legal issues.   His patience couple with a calm demeanor makes him a perfect choice as a mediator in any size matter." - J.S., - Defense Counsel.


"I want to thank Mitch for being so easy to deal with during the Mediation process and for being so persistent in getting the case settled. I will definitely use him again." - M.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.   


"Mitch settled my case and handled the matter in the most professional, pleasant, and expedient way. Although we initially walked out of the mediation without a settlement, he followed up with each of us and made it happen. He showed genuine concern and desire to close the deal. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. I believe the settlement was solely made possible due to his experience, approach and expertise." - S.V.H. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I have been practicing since 1988.  I have used many mediators over the years.  Mr. Tarighati stands out as one of the best.  I highly recommend his services.  He really works hard to get matters settled.  He understands the issues and understands people.  He is pleasant and personable.  Simply stated, there should be more people out there like him, much less mediators like him." - J.B. - Defense Counsel.


"I used Mr. Tarighati at the behest of an adjuster, which as a Plaintiff's attorney made me suspicious going in.  However, I was very pleasantly surprised by Mr. Tarighati's ability to make me and my clients feel at ease and how even handed he was.  He was able to quickly get to the heart of the matter and focused on the issues that needed to be resolved.  He was then able to get them resolved.  I would definitely use him again." - D.G. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


“Mitch closed my deal.  I had difficult and unusual facts with a difficult client whose expectations were not in touch with reality.  Sound familiar?  Mitch’s grasp of the facts, facility of communication, and well-deserved credibility helped me realign my client’s expectations with reality.  During every phase of the mediation, he deployed different and blended tactics to keep us moving and the parties moving closer together.  Mitch is now on my short list of proposed mediators.” - A.J.B. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mr. Tarighati is a terrific mediator that brings to bear his years of experience on the plaintiff’s bar and the defendant’s bar in order to resolve cases efficiently. In today’s mediation (for a real estate dispute between highly antagonistic family members) Mr. Tarighati was able to bring the parties to resolution despite very difficult and emotional circumstances. Mr. Tarighati is attentive, thoughtful, and persuasive in presenting the costs / benefits associated with litigation / resolution. I believe that, for today’s case, many other mediators would have been unable to bring the case to resolution. Mr. Tarighati, however, would not take “no” for an answer and found ways to overcome the various hurdles that presented themselves throughout the day. He was creative in his ability to present solutions while remaining laser-focused on the ultimate goal. I look forward to working with him again and can unequivocally recommend Mr. Tarighati to you." S.D. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"I recently had the pleasure of mediating a case with Mitch under his Specialty Program for low-value personal injury cases. Despite the fact that this was my first mediation with Mitch, I came in with high expectations based on his reputation in the community and feedback from my colleagues. Mitch far surpassed my high expectations. He is a hard-working, personable mediator who spends as much time, effort, and care on the “smaller” cases as on the larger ones. I never felt that he was giving our low-value case short shrift. On the contrary, he was well-prepared — having read all of our papers, worked hard during mediation, and spent considerable time following up thereafter. Most importantly, Mitch is a “lawyer’s mediator.” He simply gets it. Some of the more prominent, full-time mediators in Southern California have been away from the practice of law so long that they seem to be out of touch with the practice, with trial work, and with real-world verdict values. Not Mitch, which comes as no surprise given that he has an active law practice in addition to his mediation practice. Finally, I cannot say enough about his disposition and personality. He is tough without being condescending or confrontational; on the contrary, he is polite and personable — characteristics that are much too rare in this profession. I enjoyed my mediation experience with Mitch. I will continue to use his services, propose him as a mediator on all my cases, and recommend him to all of my colleagues." - J.K. - Plaintiff's Counsel.


"Mitchell is a truly high level thinker, with expertise in many different areas of employment law. He helped me to navigate difficult situations and cases with ease, and remained a strong, ethical legal support for my claims team during my time as claims manager with the CCSA JPA. I highly recommend Mitchell to any client seeking strong legal support, skill and diligence!"  - T.S. - RIsk Management Professional.


"Mitch is an exceptional individual offering a well rounded background with a demonstrated capacity to act as a knowledgeable attorney and a fantastic mediator. He takes his work seriously and partners very closely with you at all stages of your needs. Having Mitch involved in your case whether as an attorney representing you or a mediator, simply means success." - S.O. - Attorney

"It has been my pleasure to work with Mitch Tarighati at Tharpe & Howell, LLP. From my experience working with him, Mitch has demonstrated a wealth of legal knowledge and an extreme dedication to the highest quality of work. He has proven himself to be very detail oriented and organized in every aspect of his practice. His experience with resolving complicated legal issues and managing a heavy workload have provided me with an outstanding example of how a skillful attorney is capable of producing the highest quality of work every day. In addition to his professionalism and work ethic, Mitch’s generosity with his time and guidance has been invaluable to me." - B.D. - Attorney.


"Mitch and I met at the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance's Litigation Management Institute in NYC hosted at Columbia Law School. This was an intense training and certification program that lasted several days. As a member of my group, Mitch stood out as a leader and was both ambitious and thoughtful. I would recommend him as an advocate to someone who has a problem that needs to be solved." - D.B. - Attorney


"Mitch is an energetic and creative lawyer. His advice is realistic and practical. He doesn't waste time on issues that are non-productive; rather he focuses on getting the client to where they need to be positioned so that opportunities are taken advantage of, rather than missed."- C.R. - Vice President of Claims


"I have had the honor of knowing Mr. Tarighati for the past six years, and I consider him as one of the brightest, most talented lawyers I've had the honor of knowing. He is a charismatic and eloquent trial lawyer - with exceptional skill and knowledge. I would not hesitate to refer a loved one to him." - M.R. - Attorney


"Mitch is a dynamic attorney who developed the educational institutions practice at Tharpe & Howell, LLP. He focuses on providing cost effective, goal and resolution oriented strategies for his clients, and has shown excellent skill and ability by obtaining very favorable results in sensitive, high risk matters." - M.L. - Attorney


"Mitch is a professional attorney who works aggressively for his client. He is extremely intelligent, strategic, and forward thinking. Mitch is incredible in negotiations. If you need someone that can bring you results, he is it!" - K.L. - Client


"Mitch was instrumental in representing us against several litigated claims. His great results in each case helped us mitigate costs which could have been otherwise very expensive. Mitch's expertise in knowing when to bring in the right experts proved very beneficial for our group. I would recommend Mitch to anyone, and look forward to the opportunity for future collaboration." - C.W. - Risk Management Professional


"Mitch has such a sensible and detailed approach to his work, and gets the job done. I would love the chance to work with him again." - 
K.K. - Attorney


"Mitch provided excellent legal services to our charter school JPA and charter school members. His ability to understand the nature of our business and what it takes to services the public entity space is outstanding. It is refreshing to work with an attorney who is truly sensitive to the client's needs, understands JPA's and how to work with the excess insurance markets, and who is in it for the long term. I am fortunate to have worked with Mitch, and even more fortunate to have him as a friend!" - S.P. - V.P. of Risk & Insurance

"I recently had the privilege of working Mitch, who again left a lasting impression on me, my client, and my principal during a challenging case. Despite not achieving a settlement, his exceptional skills, dedication, and ability to bring the parties closer together were truly commendable. One of the Mitch's most impressive qualities was his unparalleled ability to actively listen and understand each party's unique circumstances. He showed genuine interest in our concerns, demonstrating a remarkable capacity to put himself in our shoes. This empathy helped create an environment of trust and fostered a sense of collaboration rather than confrontation. Mitch's professionalism and neutrality was exceptional. He maintained an unbiased stance throughout the process, ensuring that all parties had an equal opportunity to voice their concerns and interests. His expertise and knowledge of the legal landscape surrounding the case was invaluable, providing a comprehensive perspective that guided our discussions. I wholeheartedly recommend Mitch to anyone seeking a skilled and empathetic professional who can navigate complex and emotionally charged cases. His ability to foster dialogue, build trust, and bring parties closer together is unparalleled." - P.B. - Attorney

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