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Mitchell M. Tarighati, Esq. is a seasoned mediator with an exceptional track record of settled cases. Already an experienced civil litigator in private practice, Mr. Tarighati has been engaged in dispute resolution work since 2012, resolving cases with complex issues by diplomatically and patiently bridging the divide between the parties. His unwavering work ethic, personable demeanor, and passion for results have all contributed to his reputation among his peers, the plaintiff’s and defense bars, and insurance industry professionals as an extremely effective neutral. Mr. Tarighati draws upon a lifetime of diverse experiences and a unique multicultural perspective to resolve the disputes he mediates. His interpersonal skills are well-known, with colleagues commending him on his respectful and patient approach, friendly disposition, and ability to connect with clients of different backgrounds.




Mr. Tarighati began his legal career working for a solo practitioner, and thereafter as an associate at a boutique firm focusing his practice on representing professional liability claims against real estate agents and brokers. In 2008, he joined a statewide law firm in California, where he developed a new practice area for the firm in the field of education and school liability law. In this capacity, he represented institutional clients in low, mid- and high exposure tort and employment cases. In 2011, he became a Partner nominee and was voted in as a Partner the following year. In 2012, Mr. Tarighati cofounded his own firm of Sepassi & Tarighati, LLP, where in addition to his mediation practice, he pursued a balanced plaintiff and defense practice.





Mr. Tarighati's approach is to first explain the mediation process to the parties and make sure they are aware of, and comfortable with, the process. Then, he focusses on listening to each side's view of the case so that he can begin to prioritize the core issues, laws and facts that are in play. He encourage the parties to be fully involved in the negotiation process so that they feel in control over the process and so that they take ownership over the outcome. Also, he believes it is important for a mediator to help the parties manage their own expectations, while at the same time establishing a relationship based on trust. Both before and during any mediation, he tries to identify points of commonality between the parties, as well as each parties' respective needs, motives and interests. This allows him to begin building, or repairing, the proverbial bridge between the adversaries. Lastly, while he recognizes that settlement is the desired end-game scenario at mediation, not all cases settle in mediation. In such a case, he focuses on fostering good ongoing communication between the parties and creating negotiation momentum.




Born in Iran, he moved to England at the age of eight, where he later attended a preparatory and military-style school. After studying at the University of London for a year, he moved to Los Angeles in 1995, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Law. He subsequently moved to New York and earned a J.D., as well as an M.B.A., focusing on the areas of corporate law and finance, respectively. I have family members spread throughout the world which, time permitting, serves as a perfect excuse to travel. I enjoy watching documentaries and all things related to the culinary world.

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