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  I am a seasoned mediator, based in Los Angeles, with litigation experience in a variety of low, mid, and high value personal injury and individual employment cases. As a result of being involved in cases over the years wherein my firm represented plaintiffs and insured defendants, I have been exposed to the gamut of laws, issues, interests and emotions that are commonly at the heart of a litigated dispute.  

   As a mediator, my primary goal is to encourage the parties to see their case in the context of resolution as opposed to continuing the litigation because of personal principles, to prove a point, or merely to determine who is right. From the get-go, I rely on transparency, diplomacy, and a commonsense approach to negotiating a settlement. I aim to create an environment wherein both sides deem the process and the outcome as fair and reasonable.

   Given COVID-19's impact on our communities and industry, I remain committed to effectively using the Zoom platform to mediate and settle cases, throughout California, that are ready for resolution such that the online mediation experience will be functionally and substantively the same as, or as close as possible to, an in-person mediation.

   Since March 2020, I have mediated 1300+ cases via Zoom with an appreciable settlement rate. The aforementioned have been personal injury and employment cases, as well as others, with varying degrees of complexity, case value, and number of parties/participants. Zoom mediations have proven to be highly effective and a viable alternative to in-person hearings.

"I strive to be the voice of reason during the mediation process."


Catastrophic Injuries 
Vehicle & Motorcycles
Premises Liability
Public Entities


(non-class actions)
Wrongful Termination

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