"I strive to be the voice of reason during the mediation process."


2019 - Settled 82% of paid mediations

2018 - Settled 85% of paid mediations

2017 - Settled 93% of paid mediations 

2016 - Settled 89% of paid mediations 

2015 - Settled 87% of paid mediations

Let's settle your case!

  I am a seasoned mediator, based in Los Angeles, with extensive litigation experience representing both plaintiffs and insured defendants in a variety of low, mid, and high value personal injury, employment, and real estate matters. Over the years, I have been exposed to the gamut of laws, issues, interests and emotions that are commonly at the heart of a litigated dispute.  

   As a mediator, my primary goal is to encourage the parties to see their case in the context of resolution as opposed to continuing the litigation because of personal principles, to prove a point, or merely to determine who is right. From the get-go, I rely on transparency, diplomacy, and a commonsense approach to negotiating a settlement. I aim to create an environment wherein both sides deem the process and the outcome as fair and reasonable.



- Catastrophic Injuries 

- Vehicle & Motorcycles

- Premises Liability

- Public Entities




- Wrongful Termination

- Discrimination 

- Harassment 

- Retaliation 



- Commercial Disputes

- Ownership Disputes

- Landlord/Tenant  

- Transactional Disputes



- HOA Disputes

- Professional Negligence 

- Fraud/Non-Disclosure

- Landlord/Tenant



Case Manager:    Ms. Eve Thorstens

Case Manager #: 310.201.0010

My Cell Phone:    818.687.1950

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