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Public/Government Entities

  • A disputed liability student, a minor, v. school/district case wherein the Plaintiff alleges while an athletic coach was treating him for shin splits with a heated compress, the Plaintiff was left unattended for 10-15 minutes during which time the compress moved from one location to another and caused a 2nd and 3rd degree burn on his lower extremities. Plaintiff’s injuries included scarring as well as the possibility of future revision surgery. Opening demand was $400,000.

  • A disputed liability case against a City defendant for serious bodily injuries arising from a trip-and-fall as a result of an apparent 2-inch sidewalk elevation/up-rise. Plaintiff suffered a fractured proximal Ulnar shaft, ended up needing an ORIF procedure and had hardware installed. In addition, Plaintiff alleges injuries to her shoulder and elbow due to over-compensation in use and weigh bearing from her injured arm. Plaintiff’s opening demand was $350,000.


  • Plaintiff was leaving the VA Hospital at which time she alleges to have been hit by a bus near the front entrance. Plaintiff suffered a plethora of injuries inter alia to her neck, back, shoulders and knees, which necessitated treatment including an ESI to her C-spine and an ESI to her L-spine. Plaintiff's past medical specials were approximately $65,000, and she anticipated up to two further surgical procedures to her knee and shoulder(s), with an anticipated cost of $60,000-$100,000. Plainitff's opening demand was $350,000.


  • A disputed liability case wherein the Plaintiff alleges that he was helping a city employee working in garbage collection load a toilet seat into the back of a garbage truck.  Plaintiff alleges that the city employee acted negligently in that regard causing the toilet to break as it was being loaded and to seriously cut Plaintiff’s arm causing him permanent nerve damage and scarring. Plaintiff’s opening demand was $500,000.


  • A disputed slip and fall case wherein Plaintiff, a few days after giving birth, slipped on some water near the showers/nurse's station in the maternity ward. Plaintiff injuries to her back and primarily to her knees, necessitating injections and other procedures. Plaintiff's past specials were approx. $60,000.  Plaintiff's opening demand was $250,000.  


  • A disputed liability slip and fall case wherein the Plaintiff alleges that as she and others were disembarking a bus from a casino, she tripped and fell on a loose/compromised vault cover causing her various soft tissue injuries as well as injury to her knee that required a surgical procedure for debrisment.  Plaintiff's past specials were approx. $30,000. Opening demand was $180,000.


  • A disputed liability and damages trip and fall case wherein Plaintiff alleges that while he was walking with his young child, he tripped and fell on an uplifted pavement slab causing him to fall on his knees and wrists. Plaintiff's past medical specials were approx. $30,000, his past LOE was approx. $40,000, and that he had very high anticipated future lost earnings/earnings capacity given that he was a musician needing to use his hands/wrists daily.  Plaintiff's chief complaint with his wrists were Kienbock's Disease and Osteonecrosis.  Plaintiff's opening demand was $1,000,000.


  • A disputed liability trip and fall case against a City in Los Angeles County involving a lady in her 60s. Plaintiff alleges that as she was walking from a grocery store to go pick up her grandchild from school, she tripped and fell on 1.5-2.0 inches of raised portion/lip of a city sidewalk/concrete slab. Plaintiff sustained head, neck, jaw, shoulders, arm, etc., and after being transported to the ER, she underwent an ORIF procedure to a fractured distal radius bone. Plaintiff sustained approx. $24,000 in post-Howell past medical specials, and alleges that she may also need future shoulder surgery arising from the same incident. Plaintiff’s opening demand was $275,000.


  • A dispute liability and damages slip and fall accident. Plaintiff, an elderly man, alleges that on new years eve and as he was walking towards a taxi to embark, he slipped and fell on mud and other debris that had washed down and accumulated in front of his house and without his knowledge. Plaintiff alleges that the LA DWP’s work/activities further up the street caused the material to wash down near his house.  The incident occurred in the evening and Plaintiff alleges that he did not see the debris that caused him to fall.  Plaintiff sustained soft tissue injuries, though due to a plethora of other health issues, it was not quite clear how/which of the injuries were caused by the incident and which were aggravations of prior conditions. Plaintiff’s opening demand was $50,000.


  • Plaintiff was struck by a reversing USPS truck while Plaintiff was walking to and from a community post box. While liability was not in dispute, Defendant disputed the amount of damages, argued that Plaintiff was comparatively at fault, and furthermore there was a pending MSJ on calendar as well as some other legal arguments/defenses in play. Plaintiff’s soft tissue injuries necessitated approx. $57,000 in past medical specials, and it was anticipated that her past and future general damages may likely be in the six-figure range. Plaintiff’s opening demand was $607,466.56.


  • Plaintiff alleges that while walking down a sidewalk, he tripped and fell on a portion of a pavement was that 1.5-1.75 inches elevated, causing him to suffer a fractured wrist and a fractured elbow. While Plaintiff's past medical specials were in approx. $15,000, he claimed that his past LOE claim as well as damages from allegedly being forced into an early retirement due to his injuries was in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Plaintiff sued the City and the property owner who owned the tree whose roots had allegedly caused the pavement to become elevated.  Plaintiff's opening demand was $350,000.


  • This is a disputed liability case involving two vehicles, one of which was operated by a DWP employee during course and scope of employment. Plaintiff alleges that she was travelling in the No. 1 lane during unusually heavy rains at which time the defendant’s work truck pulled forward from the east trying to make a left hand turn in front of the Plaintiff at which time Plaintiff’s vehicle T-boned the Defendant’s vehicle. As a result of the accident, Plaintiff alleges to have suffered an eye laceration, as well as injuries to her spine and knees which necessitated approx. $70,000 in medical bills (2x ESI in the L-Spine as well as arthroscopic surgery to her right knee to treat a torn meniscus), and potentially $50,000 or more for future care including but not limited to surgery to the left knee.  Plaintiff’s opening demand was $500,000.


  • Plaintiffs, mother and son, were driving at which point they allege that they were T-boned by a police cruiser. Each side contends that they had the green light. Plaintiff (Mother) was transported to the ER wherein she had a plethora of diagnostic tests done give that she bore the brunt of the force/impact.  Despite the impact, Plaintiffs’ injuries were limited to soft-tissue complaints, for which they received treatment. Plaintiffs’ combined past medical specials were approx. $50,000.  Plaintiffs’ combined opening demand was $170,000.


  • Due to a displaced sidewalk, Plaintiff fell and fractured her right foot. As a result of the injury, the Plaintiff, who earned her living as a street performer, was unable to work for several months and demanded loss of earnings in the amount of $57,000. Inclusive, Plaintiff was once an avid hiker and is no longer able to enjoy hiking due to her injury.


  • A trip and fall accident which occurred as Plaintiff was walking on the sidewalk with her son and tripped over a 2 ¾ crack that was left on the left side of the sidewalk. As a result of the accident, Plaintiff sustained a complex fracture, broken dental bridge and the loss of three teeth.


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